Kyles SkyWalker OG

Just getting started on a fresh new grow!
Here’s a look at our seeds in germination on day 5 using Dutch Science Nutrients Seed and Root along with FishShit by FishHead Farms.

We’ve got an amazing new setup going up from GrowStrong Industries, 2x4 Gorilla Grow tent, Kind LED (X80 veg light/ X420 full spectrum), Lotus Nutrients.
We’ll be starting of our grow in TerraFirma CoCo Pro with Bokashi Pro Gro and Myco4.


Hey there @growyourowndope

Welcome back man, longtime. Looks like some fire you got going there. @wow_arizona is involved in the GrowStrong Cup currently. Check out his grow below and updates, very cool.


I started another couple more seeds, this time with only sterile water and paper towel. At day 16 of my original start date I placed one good seed in my soil mix. Hopefully catch up to the rest of the group in this #gsigrowoff #growstrongcup Hosted by Grow Strong Industries.


Here’s day 10 of the third attempt at germination. I think we finally have a keeper!


I believe my soil mix was a little too hot for seedlings, thankfully this one pulled through.
At day 16 with this one, 2 soil drenchings so far with 1ml/l FishShit, 1ml/l HyShield, 2 ml/l Hygrozyme. Ph at 6-6.1 with TNBNATURALS Down.
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Day 24,
2nd feed with the Lotus Nutrients at 810ppm
1ml/l of FishShit
1ml/l HyShield
2.5ml/l Hygrozyme
Ph corrected to 6.0 with TNBNATURALS Up and Down. Our CO2 Enhancer also from TNB.
Started using the Optic Foliar OverGrow once a day.
Temperature sitting about 25 degrees and humidity range from 50-60%.