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Labels for nutrients and compliance for registering nutrients in States

Can anyone help guide me on exactly what needs to be compliant on nutrients for cannabis? Registration. Label specifics. Compliance concerns. I’ve read over tons of information. It seems vague . Any professionals on this please contact me.


Hi Ralph!

It is virtually impossible to have one single label that is approved in all states, instead you will end up with several different versions that meet individual state requirements that you will need to keep track of in order to be compliant.

They will look at pretty much everything from, how many periods you have between an ingredient and the percentage guarantee to whether there should be a space between words in your derivations, or that you have the correct chemical abbreviations etc. Of course you will need labs proving the guarantees on your labels.

If you want to talk more specifically about what you are trying to do, I am open to talking sometime next week.


ralpht, I believe that if you can produce a California compliant label you will have the battle won!
One of the things you will need to address is registering your label in each state where you wish to sell it.
Each state has different registration requirements (some don’t require a registered label at all). I do know that California has the most strict requirements, as I am registered in Cali. Here is a link that you can look over ….
Good luck!! Bob


That be great to talk lmk when next week is best


Thank you ! I have 15 formulas I’m launching and this has been the tedious work I need completed