Large Home Grow / Cultivation Organization - Looking for Grow Partner in Boston / South Shore Mass Area

Hi Potential Partner,

We are cannabis connoisseurs with 6 years of growing experience and grew in all mediums including soil, coco and hydroponics. My instragram is Artsy_Grower if you wanted to see some of my product. My partners instagram is gardens_by_gilf. Our company instagram is transcendentcultivation.

My business partner and I are looking for someone who is interested in collaborating in a large grow with the goal of eventually cultivating commercially. This will be a testing ground for us to master our craft.

We currently have a grow operation in Plymouth MA, but our other business partner is growing annoyed with the amount of work associated with it being at his house. We currently have two 8x4 tents with LED and Ceramic Haldie +all of the associated ventilation. We also have a 5x9 tent with the same lights. We currently got 1 harvest so far off of 2 flower tents (1 4x8 and 1 5x9) and got about 7 pounds and the second crop is coming along great.

We were hoping for this partner to buy into our operation and we can relocate it to their location in a few months once our current harvest is completed. We are happy to cover our share of the set up and do our share of the work, we just want a partner who is passionate about growing and looking to master their craft. I am also happy to provide a sample of some of the product we have grown.

Please let us know if you are interested and we can discuss further.

Thank you,


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Dude Im in mass to and have been saving and searching to either work for some1 or partner with someone when the time is right I hope all things go well

Hey man,

That is great to hear. What part of Mass are you in? We are hoping that all of us are within close proximity. Iā€™d love to connect and see if our vision / expectations align. Want to email me and maybe we can connect via phone or email (whatever is best for you).

[email protected]



I just wanna say that this is freaking AWESOME. Im new to growing, but old to weed. I live in Cali but I too have been saving money and looking for a business partner. This lets me know theyre out there!!

Thanks man! Growing is a passion, hopefully all of us can make a career out of it. Best of luck on your endeavors.