Leaf question with hydroponics

Quick question: I have been growing hydroponically (maybe making up that word lol) and am wondering if, during late bloom if the leaves turn yellow with this method? I have had many successful grows and examine the trichomes closely to determine harvest time but not once do my leaves start to yellow (bottom leaves). When I grew in soil, it would happen and also reassure me that the time to harvest is close. I almost feel like letting the girls go longer than normal just to see if the leaves will start to yellow.

Anyone have any insight?

Its totally normal for cannabis leaves to yellow when it gets closer to harvest. However you will need to be more specific or give some more clues as to other symptoms to maybe diagnose a problem, if you actually have a problem. Dont worry too much if its close to harvest, its natural for plants leaves to yellow.

Really I am not saying there are problems. I realize that yellowing of leaves is normal towards harvest. I am only wondering if this should also happen during hydroponic setups. Ever since I have grown hydroponically, the leaves seem to be healthy right up until harvest. This makes me feel like I am harvesting too soon but my trichomes show they are ready.

I guess this is more of an observation than anything. Basically, should my leaves start to yellow, even in hydro?