Leaf sign...Can't figure it out

I have tried several different methods to resolve the issue my leaves are trying to tell me.

I thought it was Ca Zn or Mg deficiency, but after 2 feeding cycles (every 3rd watering), the leaves continue with this same trend.

It is not in the new growth, only more mature growth and typically the fan leaves.

My soil pH is slightly acidic, but my water is always 6.5pH and my nutrients are measured precisely. Using Fox Farms (Big Bloom, Grow Big, TigerBloom, BushDoctor), Botanicare CalMag Plus, using a perfectly calibrated Hanna HI9813-6, Rapid Test Soil tester, and Bud Booster water filtration.

I hand water in a 2.5 Gallon Can.
Hand measure every nutrient, and mix/test thoroughly for each can.

I don’t have a massive pest problem.
My roots seem healthy (raised bed), plants have been healthy until the past 4 weeks when this started happening (in some places, the splotches turn white, but no powdery mildue).

I can’t figure it out.

Any advice?

looks like slight light bleaching? Was that leaf nearest the light source?

The sun…

here are the latest pics…this malady is increasing.
Any help…?

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