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LeafMon, New technology for cannabis Growers!

We would like to introduce:
-------New LeafMon technology now available for cannabis growers!

After years of research by UC Davis , Ag Biology and Engineering Dept, LeafMon technology is being commercialized exclusively by Cermetek Microelectronics. Almond, walnut, and grape growers currently use LeafMon with evaluations underway with many other crops. Cermetek now offers these systems to cannabis growers with the goal to improve yields and save water.

LeafMon systems combined with AquaMon data collection systems allow growers to continuously monitor the health of their plants via their computer or smart phone. It essentially provides the grower the stess level of the plant caused by insufficient irrigation for the conditions. These systems incorporate a suite of sensors monitoring a leaf and other environmental factors and to calculate the crop water stress index. Monitoring crop water stress enables precision irrigation decisions based on the plant’s water requirements.

Please contact Cermetek if you are forward thinking grower who sees the value of LeafMon for Cannabis grow operations.

Thanks, Frank at 408 482 2822, or [email protected], []


Welcome @cermetek! Do you have some pictures of it in action that you could share with us?

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16 Mar 2017

Nic, ( you have a weird email id or my computer messed up)

I have asked my marketing guy, Steve Clary to send you some individual pictures.

I have attached our sales sheet and a trifold which describes with some diagrams and pictures the whole system.

Maybe there is a way to fold these into the format for you website?

Thanks again,


408 482 2822

Leaf-Monitor_11-15.doc (311 KB)

AQUAMON_Lfmon_TRIFOLD-11-15.doc (1.57 MB)

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Here attached are further photos of LeafMon in action.


Frank Stempski

Cermetek Microelectronics Inc

Off: 408 942 2209

Cell: 408 482 2822

mailto:[email protected] [email protected]

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That’s the reply by email feature of the community. If you reply to a notification email then it will automatically post to the community, so your pictures and attachments are showing up fine. Thanks for sharing those!

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