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LED fixture mounting - Can we do better?

We are getting ready to launch our new FluxScale tune-able broad spectrum lights, and wanted to get a better understanding of mounting preferences within the community. We offer two standard mounting methods - V hooks and C-clamps; customers can also mount the fixtures via 1/4-20 threaded holes located on the top of the fixture.

  • The V hooks are mechanically identical to the hooks available from Hydrofarm, and are commonly used to hold fixtures and reflectors.
  • Our C clamps are made of powder coated steel and mount to truss ranging in diameter from 1.625" - 2.125" in diameter.
  • Our fixtures have two 1/4-20 threaded holes on the top of the housing to mount C-clamps. These threaded holes could also be fitted with customer supplied hardware such as an eye bolt.

Which mounting method is the community favorite? Has anyone on this forum come up with their own hacks or improved mounting methods? We are always looking for ways to improve our products, so we would love to hear how we might be able to do better here.


Looking forward to seeing the results of this! :ok_hand:

Maybe @Growernick @growergeorge @howard @TravisOR @ryanh @MenacingMeds @highfivefarms1 @phenderson @jwcmed @copelandscannabisfar @jacksgreenhouse2014 @caribbeangreen @NickGRO or @darlinggrowers can offer some insight :question:


Lighting manufacturers often feel inclined to re-invent the wheel (or at least reinvent the mounting hooks, in this case). Consider this hypothetical situation: I am an owner of a facility with limited capital to invest in my operation. I have opted to purchase from a lighting manufacturer who incorporates new or novel hanging features that are incompatible with hangers consistent with industry standards. The install is all complete except for the hanging of the lights. As we proceed to install the lights my contractor notices the box with the hanging hardware for the lights is missing! Now we are behind schedule all because the manufacturer didn’t opt for cheap and readily available V-Hooks!

It seems the unit is ready to be mounted from the V-Hooks. These V-Hooks are available in every hydro store in America and any seasoned grower likely has a few dozen in that big ol’ box of hydro stuff we all inevitably accumulate over a lifetime of growing. Also, it’s been my experience that running around a cultivation facility looking for specific hangers is super frustrating!

If it were my call, I’d buy a case of V-Hooks from HF and put a pair in every box that comes out of the factory…

Hope this helps


Thanks for the feedback!


You’re welcome. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.