LED light advice please

Ultraviolet in wavelengths below 400nm will cause cellular damage, The plant defends by producing additional trichomes. This is why you should run the last couple of weeks. Too much UV will damage beyond what the trichs protect. You will get low THC and CBD. Terpene levels I am not sure about…

I have only dabbled in the 390nm range and honestly, prefer hyper violet at 420nm. No cell damage and less worry about damaging my skin and eyes :+1:t2:


so how do the plants protect themselves when the UV is at it’s highest in nature then?? because it’s not even close to its highest levels when the plant flowers.


I believe it has to do with the concentrations of the different wavelengths in UV (UVA and UVB). The sun naturally produces way more of one than the other… I forget which it is :slightly_smiling_face:

None-the-less, UV lamps are pushing full strength photons (A or B or both of using T5’s) so that has a play.

California Lightworks has a great article on UV. Let me see if I can find it




They have great articles :blush:


I added a lizard heat bulb. The plants love it but it raises the temps significantly, making me run the exhaust fan much more to maintain the temp. It’s a 15w UV made for lizard terrariums.
It is such a low power bulb, I was not worried about excessive UV over time.


Thanks for the great info, Poseidon. I appreciate ya. Hortiluxe Power Veg bulbs are noted as being pretty decent for full spectrum In fact, they recommend not using more than 30-50% of them in any fixture for fear of frying the plants. The article is good but states much research to be done yet. I’m going to stick with my theory for the time being.


You are welcome :+1:t2: I like the PowerVEG UV lamps. Those are true UVA and UVB lamps​:v:t2:

I actually wanted to run a grow using T5’s so a few years ago, ran eight 54W lamps in a Quantum Bad Boy fixture. I ran 4 of the Hortilux PowerVEG FS+UV and 4 6500k for veg and 4 2900k for bloom. It worked great but ran hot … Got around 400 grams from two WWA


That’s something I’ve started doing recently, giving UVA in veg (as well as flowering). I use the HLG UVA 30 lamps. I figure they get plenty of UVA outside since day 1 so replicating that indoors.

I love what the UVA does to my buds and leaves during flowering, absolutely covered in trichs (genetics helps too):


I too run the UVA 30 in veg now and see overall plant growth increase.


I opted to buy a full spectrum light for the whole growth cycle cus its easier tu run that way. Its a 670W light called iL8x i run it in my 4x4 and gets me GREAT yields. I would recommend it if youre budget is not that low because like you I was sold with LEDs the only thing is that their a little more expensive lol. There are some great channels on youtube that review lights and you might want to take a look there. Happy searching!


The first point from which you have to start when you procure a flashlight is the capacity and power you need. Then you need to analyze the scope of use. If it is pure for your household, you can also have a simple flashlight. But for fishing, hunting or camping you need some special flashlights. I for all areas use camping lantern. For me they are perfect in all respects. Both for camping and for night walks. Plus to this they are cheap and their batteries discharge very hard, so I can walk all night without fear that I will be left alone in the dark.

Which option? They speak of a few on this thread

what i have discovered with LED’s, and most other things, is you get what you pay for. I run a discontinued model from BC Blondes that ran my just shy of a grand. It’s a GREAT light. I love it. makes abundant rock hard buds. I have another light from China, called the apollo 8 i use in veg. this thing is a plant growing machine - full spectrum including UV and IR. Paid just over 3 bills for it. It’s running next to a Mars Hydro lLED light and honestly puts the Mars Hydro to shame.

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