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Led plant burn?

I keep having this happen just to same plant!! It’s critical purple auto.
Plus it looks like a mutant!
Im at 30" above and it seems to keep getting burned??? The new leaves show damage again!! All of my others look healthy and are growing normal.


Check for pests. Just in case.

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Medium too hot possibly?


Pics? Or it didn’t happen

No bugs (thank goodness). All in happy frog
at day 14 and the rest seem happy! Been checking run off pH and it’s about 6.4. But for some reason even after rasing the lights, what I thought was burn happen again.
I’ll take a pic this time instead of picking it from my stupid phone, hopefully you will see it this time. Thank you all for your input!!!

The good looking one is just next to it, in the same soil and germed at the same time.


Soil could just be too hot. And that phenotype doesn’t care for it.


@covertgrower that was my thought too

Possibly genetics/mutation :dna: issue too?

Cant wait to see her grow


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Thanks again for they responses!
I’ll have to agree you both.
But I am just going to let it go and I’m wondering to see what happens to!!

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I had one plant do that lately. After the first few sets of leaves, everything went back to normal for me. Hope this is the same for you!

It looks like light stress to me. light stress can cause leaf mutations like that. Also could just be a mutated plant.

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Everybody seems to be growing so close to the soil, More space between the soil and the leaves may do better for your plants

Looks like they have been stressed due to poor light schedule. Try to keep the on/off the same. If done that, could be your genes or light. What are they?

The plants in that picture are mother of Barry crossed with a Florida seed that I Pollinated last year the stress is from bugs I’ve been having to keep my tent at 62 to 63゚ to keep the bugs down, But yes they are stressed

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Get some insecticidal soap

I can get predatory bugs to add to the tent, Gore I’ve been told I can spray the soil with peroxide forcing the larva Out of the soil But I’m up for trying anything that will not kill my plants

I was told some dish soap and peroxide mixed with water does well for spite of maids not sure about these fokkers

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Get the spray soap. Hell you can spray them with water and dawn dish soap.
But I’d get the insecticidal soap fast

What do you mean by insects Soap and where do I find it

Or diatomatious earth