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Legal Possession amount

Was recently reading the laws on Cannabis in Canada, and noticed that the limit for possession is 30 grams, “in a public place”, and that, while one is allowed to grow up to 4 plants per household, no other restrictions on the amount you can possess were described. To my understanding, if I can plant and harvest a bumper crop of, like, 4 lbs out of those plants, you could legally possess it, because it’s in your home and not a “public place”?



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I live 5-10 minutes away from Canada, I don’t know their laws, give it a minute and someone else will help ya :blush:

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That’s completely right - you can have pounds in your house, but only travel with 30g of dried flower or equivalent.

This is what the equivalents are.

So, you could be in a public place with:

150g fresh cannabis
450g edibles
2100g liquids
7.5g extracts
30 seeds


Thanks for the fast response ! I’m glad I’m reading the law right. Are you aware of any cases that have gone to court over legal possession amounts?

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Interesting… I’m working at a RCMP officers house and she seems to think in n.s. you can only travel w a Oz. Of sealed.unopend buds from the liquor store. No travel outside of the house for weed you grew unless medical. I argue you can travel with open liquor now and herb would be no different it it was also in the trunk.

I read on the government site somewhere that if you are growing at home for personal use that you can posses up to 1200 grams at home or something around that number. Any more and you’re supposed to destroy it… I’m trying to find the link to where I read it.

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That article says up to 1000 grams (just under 2 1/4 pounds) for BC. Not sure if all provinces are the same.


No they are in n.s. there’s no limit. Health Canada don’t even have maximum numbers on certificates now, due to the fact that federally there’s no limit at hm

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That could be a good point. I haven’t looked too far into it since I rarely ever go out with more than a couple grams at a time. It may be similar to alcohol in that transporting newly bought, sealed containers is not an issue, but if you’ve got half a bottle of something sitting on the passenger seat you could have some trouble if you get pulled over. If I’m transporting open alcohol it’s always in the trunk or back seat for that reason. When I took an ounce along on this summer’s road/camping trip it was in trunk. Didn’t come across any trouble, but it sure makes finding friends easy when you’ve got enough to go around.


For sure and it feels great to share your pride and joy :wink:

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