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Lesson 8: Flowering

how would you feed the out door plants? what is the best feeding guide for them?


Depends on what type of farmer you are @audra

You call buy synthetic nutrients and give the plant all the fertilizer it needs. There are usually some drawbacks associated with this though as the run off of the unused nutrients into water systems whether it be underground aquifers or into rivers or lakes is considered by most to being bad stewards of our environment.

Then there is soil building. You build a “living soil” and you use other plants that live on the surface of the soil but in the shadow of the plant combined with watering mixtures made from natural fertilizers like compost. Some people add things like worms and other living microorganisms to build a full self sustaining eco system below the surface. This would be considered by most to growing the heartiest and most tastiest plants, whether it be marijuana or not, and being a good steward of our planet at the same time.

This will provide a quick overview but building a true living soil is definitely more of a science than what can be learned in a six minute video but this will give you an overview of what its all about

Both methods will grow good plants though


I recently read about a technique for indoor where you use a gas lantern technique. Does this ring any bells? I’m not totally sure if I understand it, but it seems like it would emulate the gradual lowering of lumins from the sun’s seasonal change.


Yes I use the gas lantern lighting schedule in veg

Not so much. All it is is the normal 12/12 lighting schedule with about 30 min to an hour of light added right in the middle of the dark period.
It is designed to keep the plant in veg without spending money on the kw/h of an 18/6, 20/4, or 24/0 lighting schedules.

What your talking about is a much more advanced lighting schedule than what any of those are.

You’re trying to gradually shorten the length of light in a day while simultaneously gradually dimming the light at the same.

Obviously the more you can mimic the outdoor environment from an indoor garden theoretically the more successful harvest you can yield, however there is a point of diminishing returns and that is why the greater multitude of indoor growers just go ahead and switch to 12/12 instead of trying to mimic such an advanced lighting regimine. You might yield slightly more but for most the return is not worth the effort.


My indoor Veg schedule

8pm - 8am. Lights on

8am - 2pm lights off

2pm - 230pm. Lights on. (When I switch to flower I remove this 30 minute period from the schedule)

230pm - 8pm lights off


How long have you been doing this and what do you feel are the benefits of doing it?


I’ve been doing it for several grows now.

Basically just saving money on lighting and an easy transition to flower is all.

I usually have my lights dimmed all the way down in veg also trying to save money on lighting.


Very informative


Its not about the shortening of the day , its about uninterrupted dark period of 12 hours . Most of the strain will start flower even with 14-15 , but the flowering period will be longer . Even if the days get shorter its enough in the middle of the night to interrupt the dark period for 30 min , they will not start flowering .


I grow in coco and my schedule works like this on a 9 week plan…week six cut micro by 1/2 week seven no micro week eight straight ro water week nine straight ro water.

I Also never go over 1.6-1.8 ec


That’s vegetative time. August sept October. Hrs are changing


Will extending the vegging time give bigger plants and thus better yields? Can we get any control on the auto plants?


For sure extending VEG time will give bigger yields , even if your area is full canopy , vertical grow matters as well when you grow outside !