Let's talk about growing dense frosty nuggets!

Hello everyone, I am new here & have been looking for somewhere that I can talk about growing with other experienced or inexperienced growers. I have been growing since AZ legalized it which is around 3 years now. I started with the goal to grow buds better than top shelf at the dispensary & I’ve finally reached the point that I produce dense frosty flavorful buds. I love Fox Farms Bush Dr Coco Loco & have found coco coir to be the best medium for growing marijuana.


Welcome to growers network. There’s several Arizona growers on here. @wow_arizona come to mind straight off. If you use the search and type in some keywords you’ll find everything you’re looking for I’m sure. :+1:t3::v:t3:


@rhoads1733 welcome aboard! You landed in a great place! There’s lots of great growers here and a great place to learn and get help from others. I also like to talk about growing because most people i know dont have a clue about growing. Let alone even being able to tell me what they liked about the flower they just smoked? My friend has been smoking for 25yrs and is clueless. So i need to talk to like people who also grow.


Hi @rhoads1733 , welcome to GN and damn fine buds you have there. Looks like you have found the right recipe for your grow. What plants do you have growing there?