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Lexaria files International Cannabinoid Patent Applications


To try and cut past the jargon, essentially they’ve already been issued a patent in the US, and are trying to get patents in Canada, Australia, Japan, China, and all countries belong to the EU Patient Convention. The patents are titled “Methods for formulating orally ingestible compositions comprising lipophilic active agents”, and “Stable Ready-to-drink beverage compositions comprising lipophilic active agents.”

To take out the science jargon, the first patent is about formulation of edibles/liquids with cannabinoids or other lipophilic (fat-attracted molecules) active ingredients. The second patent is about off-the-shelf (stable) beverages with cannabinoids or other lipophilic active ingredients.

Essentially, expect drinks similar to booze in a gas station or liquor store, except THC or CBD instead of ethanol.