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Life Insurance IS available with admitted Cannabis Use!

       Life Insurance IS available with admitted Cannabis Use!

CannaLife Insurance Agency has relationships with the most 420 friendly life insurers and 1 specifically with the best kept secret! They will issue a policy on a cannabis user if they do not have a medical marijuana card or if it is not legal in their state assuming one is otherwise insurable.

      Cannabis Employee Benefits available now!

We have partnered with a 420 friendly insurer that will do a payroll deduction/worksite marketing program for the employees of any cannabis company. This provides employees the opportunity to choose and pay for many needed supplemental insurance products. It cost’s the employer - $0. Call Ken for details.
Additionally, we can provide an employer Paid Group Term Life policy as well. Premiums can be paid by the company with a money order or bank check if no business checking account is available.

Call: Ken, Founder of CannaLife Insurance Agency at 623-977-3411 or 1-877-468-6584, or email: [email protected].

PS: Need A Cannabis Loans? We can assist you get funding for anything legal.

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