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Lighting questions for Theo (Gavita)

Absolutely correct Theo!

A watt is a watt and a watt is equal to 3.41 BTU’s. When designing spaces we round up to 4 BTU’s to allow for some additional heat sources such as burning Co2, fans, pumps and people. The real question is what are you doing with the watt and how are you delivering all the potential energy to the plant?

Brandon Kion
Excel Air Systems


Of course, when you calculate the heat load you also take into account the climate, insulation of the room etc etc. You might need a lot more in south California. I had a great discussion in Washington with a dad and his son. He had told his son to paint the roof white to reduce the heat load, and insulate it, and his son did not believe that white pains thing. He also did not believe that a Watt is a Watt. We went to two HVAC manufacturers with him at the show to convince him. Dad was happy :wink:

I actually suggested to put some sedum on the roof. Excellent insulating properties.

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Gavita DE HPS + Gavita 300 watt Plasma model 41.01 = UVA & UVB medley + jazmonic acid = resin party = me passed out after 1 hit zZzZZZzZzzzzzZZZzZz

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I don’t mind. To me HPS vs LED is one of those issues I really struggle with. Both have their own unique benefits I think but it is great to get such detailed information from professionals such as @Theo and @clones

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