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Looking for a grow op tour in LA area

We have a couple new employee’s that I would like to tour a grow op with. Show them in practice how our products get used. As we are looking to create instruments to help in concentrate/extract production that’s a bonus if you do that as well.

We are in Redondo Beach (LA) so my preference is a grow within a couple hours drive.

I’d be happy to sign NDA’s, etc.

We will bring our best thank you gifts as well! We make TDS(ppm)/EC/ORP/pH/Brix meters and more.

I only need to show them one or two grow ops so they get the general idea. If any members are willing to do a tour I’d be very grateful!


I’m sure there’s at least one @CAgrowopowners who might be down to show you around :wink:

I have heard from a few business owners that they use Canna Cribs to show off larger grow operations to some of their new staff…just a thought.


I made a couple connections with CA growers at MjBiz, however they weren’t very local. If nothing else we will watch some Canna Cribs!


You’re welcome to come check out my operation. I have about 11 acres of licensed outdoor cultivation but we’ve taken down almost everything. I’ll probably have like an acre or so still in the ground for the next 2 weeks or so. Hour north of Santa Barbara, about 2 hours or so from rendondo beach.


That sounds great! I’ll talk to my team thanks so much. I’ll message you to work our details.


I’d be open to any sort of meters you’d like to bring, curious as to how they might apply in my situation

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