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Looking for Banking Referrals / Suggestions


Hey, can anyone suggest a friendly bank or credit union who can offer a Construction Loan for a fully permitted and licensed manufacturing warehouse? I am looking for a friend - the loan can be taken against a pile of equity including the piece of land that was purchased outright - in Colorado.

Any referrals would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi @GoddessofPhun

We at Cannabiz Cash Professionals can help your friend with getting a loan fast.

No equity is required as my organization specializes in unsecured loans and I can get your friend approved and financed with the money within 24 hours of up to $250,000.

Being that your friend will be a new customer within 45 days of receiving the first $250,000, your friend may be able to get up to $4 million dollars for their loan needs.

There’s no loan set up fees and if your friend has a low FICO 500 score your friend can still get a loan with us.

I am attaching a flyer to pass onto your friend.

Tell your friend to contact me on Phone: 215-880-3859 or email: [email protected]

Tony Rullo


Hey Tony.

They are looking for a construction loan of $6MM. They have equity - have already raised $10MM cash and they’ve paid outright for the land that’s bought in Colorado. Ideally they’re looking for a credit union.

I am collecting detailed information to present to them from a number of sources. Are you able to customize a proposal for them - for specifically what they’re looking for? I’m happy to chat on the phone.

Elizabeth Becker

[email protected]

Phone: 647-701-3598


Hi Elizabeth,

I will call you shortly to discuss options that we have.