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Looking for growers who are facing problems and looking solutions

Hi Everybody,

I´am Mattias from Estonia and i have been growing organic cannabis for 6 years outdoors. Unfortunately medical cannabis cultivation is not allowed yet and i have been growing low TCH (hemp) cultivars.

Throughout the years i have been growing i have faced different problems. Starting from diseases, low yield and quality. Most of you have the idea what i´am talking about.

4 years ago i started to play with biological products wich have shown so far very intresting result.

I´am looking for intrested growers who want to try and make trials with these products, to see what is possible to achive with organic cultivation. It does not matter if you are conventional or organic.

The benefits wich you will see:

  1. No disease problem when applying foliar every 10-14 days. Cure existing ones with higher dose. I have got free of white mold, fusarium, powdery mildew.
  2. Temperature in greenhouse can be lowered. Also plants will tolerate extra heat.
  3. Cannabinoid content will change, i have got result where untreated hemp area was 2,1% CBDa and treated area 3,0%CBDa, Nobody has done test with medical cannabis plants so far.
  4. Increased taste and aroma. So far i have made test with tomatoes and cucumber.
  5. Increased bud volume.
  6. This might be ridicilous to some agronomist, but you can lower NPK input up to 10 times, this i achived because the bacterias will reduce the size(to 0,2nm) and form of nutrient that enteres the plant.This means nutrient bioavailibility is almost 100%. I have made numerous test outdoors.

Everybody who is intrested please contact me for futher details. I will provide all the neccesary product for free. My main goal is to keep this post alive and show growers what is possible to achive nowdays.

Contact: [email protected]



Hey @mati.hunt - we will help connect you to the right people. You have come to the right place, welcome!

Here are some organic growers that might be interested off the top of my head:
@Adrian (Biobizz nutrients)

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Greetings, Mattias!

Welcome to the forum! Very cool pic! It’s always nice to see lovely plants
flowering in the full sun! I think it’s wonderful to hear that growers
worldwide are implementing more organic methods for cannabis production. It
sounds like you are moving toward a more biodynamic approach in your
cultivation practices, which I wholeheartedly support.

I’m quite curious to know what particular biological products you have
started using. I would also like to know what you practices you used
previously which resulted in poor yields and quality. I am a firm believer
that a biologically-rich microbial environment will promote healthier
growth in our plants. It’s important that we remember the loop: ultimately
the end product will end up in our bodies. Thus, if, through more
biologically conscious methods we can eliminate contaminants and pesticides
in our plants then we can keep those contaminants and pesticides out of our
own bodies. Healthy plants make for healthier people. These practices have
their roots in agrarian cultivation methods that have existed for
millennia. Way to get back to your roots!

I look forward to hearing from you. Mattias, and want to know other
growers’ thoughts on this subject.

Happy Growing,



Two more members that could definitely weigh in on organic cultivation: @Cody and @URBorganic

Thank you for sharing contacts.


Always, that’s what we are here for. Just post on the forum what you need and we will connect you to right people and/or information.

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