Looking for long term grower with organic indoor and outs

Hi there I’m Richie from Orkanna Delivery and we are currently looking to establish a long term business relation. I’ve been all around Cali and just want to know who is ready to produce and get their packs gone. Thanks :pray: all.


I got somebody for you what’s your price range I’m the owner of premier tending down in SF I can put you in to contact


Thanks for the response. Ideally we try to grab wholesale indoor/gh units for under 17 and outs for 13 at the most; anything in between that is just based on aesthetics.
Desired quality for indoor: dense, lighter green, good nose (no chlorophyll), tight haircut.
Outdoors are outdoors.


Hi richie im Nate Greenmen im a medical outdoor grower with numerous strains. I have blue dream,pinapple,masterskunk,mr nice, and by tga seeds i have 9lb hammer , Cuvee,SuperSonicScrewdriver, and jelly bean all grown Organically .Feel free to contact me at [email protected] thank you and have a great day.

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