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Looking for new suppliers of Medical Cannabis to the German Market

Hello All,
My name is Moav Gafni from Eternal-Cannabis LTD - A licensed Importer and distributor of Medical Cannabis in Germany.
Our company has 25 years of experience at importing licensed drags to Germany and currently import Medical Cannabis from Canada & The Netherlands.

We are looking for new suppliers of Medical Cannabis for our clients with amounts from 10 kilos to 10 tons annually (Current price for our suppliers is 5-6 Euros per gram).
Eternal Cannabis can offer you stable high prices and security that all of your flowers/oil will be taken care of by the most professional workers in the industry.

If you are interested in becoming our supplier, Please get back at me…

Moav Gafni
Eternal-Cannabis LTD


Hello Moav,

My name is Robert and I am in the process of setting up pharmaceutically licensed medical cannabis production unit for supply to (mainly) Europe. I would be interested in discussing the possibility of becoming (one of) your future suppliers. Maybe by discussing what exactly you need with regards to strains, quality and certifications we can adapt our production to best meet your needs.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested to discuss this further.

Kind regards,


When do you need product?