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Looking for Organic Produce Greenhouse Operations


SaferGro has a university delegation from Taiwan that would like to visit organic greenhouse growers .
Do you have any contacts for me? California or the southwest states would be preferred.


We have some contacts we can plug you with here in the Southwest, @SaferGro. What are you trying to check out, exactly?

In the interim, have your folks check out CannaCribs on YouTube!


This university delegation from Taiwan want to see an organic hydroponic greenhouse operation her in the Southwest. It could be tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.

We have plenty of outdoor organic operations they could see, but they would like to see our examples of how a greenhouse is doing organic vegetables.


I have some cohorts at the University of Arizona that might be willing to open up their CEA and Greenhouse operations. I can also offer in introduce you to some friends here in town who are practicing sustainable greenhouse agriculture and aquaculture who would be down to offer a tour. No cannabis tour?

While you are here, you should take them to Biosphere 2 and come check out the GN offices!


@Growernick Thanks Nick, Is their sustainable greenhouse ag totally organic? I’d have to check to see if they are willing to travel outside of socal.


Hmmm, I’d have to confirm that. Let me see if I can find some folks in So Cal who might be able to help.

Any @CAMasterGrowers have any leads on an organic veggie greenhouse in SoCal?

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Thanks Nick !