Looking for someone near by

Is there anybody close by spiritwood Saskatchewan???

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Let’s ask @devjyarn he may know better

I can’t say that I know anyone growing around there. Saskatchewan is bigger than Texas but has a population of about 1 million. Lots of space without lots of people.

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A farmers dream… Land must be cheap

Some of the most valuable farm land in the world! It can be surprising how expensive farm land can be.

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Is it all developed?

Like ready to farm

Yep. In the last few hundred years nearly every bit of land between the Canadian Shield and the American border has been developed. It’s all level and rich soil. It’s completely destroyed the natural grassland, but we do a good job of feeding people with what’s grown here.


N.s. has one small area of top quality soil in “the Annapolis valley” it’s crazy pricey there too but probably not as nice in summer.