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Looking for study results for a client concerns

Our client is looking for any data that compares LED to HPS. Concerns are on the Bud weight yield and the THC levels. The client is less concerned it seems on energy conservation and more on getting equal or better yields with LEDs. Any white papers or videos would be helpful and any input from the community is always welcomed.


Hello Matthew,
Visitors to the BIOS Lighting website can download one of our Case Studies. These were compiled during the Icarus fixture launch and include one Case Study comparing HPS vs. LED (fresh and dry yields, THC, terpenoid profiles). There are also Case Studies with strain comparisons under LED and home grow yield and electrical consumption calculations. They can be accessed here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions :seedling:

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this shows my 500w LED vs a 600w HPS. As a person who grew many years with HPS/HID my GPW is way up. Understandimg transverse theroy will help GPW

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