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Looking for work in another country

Hi everyone

My name is Tumelo. I’m 19 going onto 20 this year. I live in South Africa and I am also currently studying there. I am seriously passionate about getting involved in Cannabis industry and would really love to find work interning at a commercial grow-op (In South Africa the process of legalisation has just begun so there aren’t any commercial ones that offer jobs that I know of). I would love to work in the horticulture section so I can get a real feel for exactly what is happening to the plants, but would love to learn about the commercial business side of things as I have serious aspirations to build up my own op one day.

Would really appreciate any and all advice on how I can do this effectively and get the most out of the experience.


I would try through one of the university programs in the In states that are legal. You land grant university’s and floriculture programs University of Missouri. University of Oklahoma,
University of New Mexico,

You should also look at the Vancouver, Canada. My cousin came from SA to Canada. Much easier.

I can’t remember the big horticulture program in BC?


How close are you to Lesotho? I know they have a lot of legal grow operations there. There is a micro climate there and it is where the Durban’s Poison strain came from.


I am actually quite far from Lesotho however I do know people who live there and I could make plans to make trips there if I got contacts there. It would actually be convenient for me.

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Lesotho is within my reach, logistically (because it’s in RSA and I can get there if needs be). Any help with contacts there would really be appreciated.

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