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Looking for work in Cali San Jose area

Hello all my name is Jake I’m traveling from New Hampshire to San Jose area in the next few weeks looking for any opportunity in any farm in that area. Hard working yankee that has cannabis experience as well as a lot of manual labor jobs. Just trying to learn the ins and outs of an aming plant in the best state for it. Cheers everyone sending aloha love to you all :call_me_hand::heart:


Amazing plant* sorry typing on phone



From an old grower. If you promise you will document your journey.

Hay @Growernic, @Farmer_Dan, @fdousty, @ron, @jonw think of any one this “hard working Yankee” can find this fine young man a position opon inspection.

Thank you big @nick :innocent:

From the voices in my head.


Who had do go thing as new years resolution? @heainjectors


Thank you so much Brothaman, I will absolutely document all of travels and learning experience to help any other growers I can man. Thank you for helping me I can’t even express into words my gratitude for people like you. Cheers to an amazing 2019 :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::heart::heart: aloha love as always man


Just listen first. Think for a count of ten and ask a question. :upside_down_face: good luck remember the group is very professional.

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Basically I’m traveling out there have a few leads on some jobs but just trying to network myself I’m 28 from New Hampshire tried moving to Maui this year but it was a bust so now just checking out California learning the trade and chasing a crazy dream of mine with hard work and peace and love for cannabis man thank you for all support though I really appreciate it


There are a lot of growers in the temperate zone of Canada west of Vancouver in the glassbelt. They are doing some very impressive work with cutting edge tech.

Big show in Seattle end of January everyone who is any one will be there. You can probably work with one of the venders here who get four passes and don’t know what to do with the other three.

Conference Seattle

From the voices in my head

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Yes sir thank you for the advice.
I suck at emails and this type of things but I will definitely be professional and wait for any opportunities that come my way. Hope you had an amazing new year man
Thanks again