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Looking to invest in growing facility or partner

Looking to invest in growing facility or partner with an aspiring grower to establish a national level institution.


What are you trying to invest in? A Grower or a grow room?

Welcome to the forum @shanaqvi ! I’ve sent a message with a few questions and a short explanation of who I am and what I might be able to bring to your project.


My firm can place any investment amount in the US or Canada in large or small operations. It’s not difficult to invest in this space.
If you are looking at creating a national operation with an aspiring grower, this site is the place to find some one.
You are in Canada, so by national you mean where?

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Yes thats what I am trying to find here.


Canada is somewhat different from the US you can directly invest in publically traded cannabis companies or place funds into private firm’s that invest in that space.
If you actually want to operate a facility, we can partner you with an existing operation or you can buy into one.
It’s not difficult to get involved, there is such a huge demand for capital, cash is King, if you have funds to place, contact contact me at Solaire Capital.

Hi there Shanaqvi,

I have something that might interest you, and would like to email you some information. I can be reached here: [email protected]

What’s a good email for you? Let’s talk soon.

Jason Browne (C.E.O.)
Emerald Coast Holding Company
1-530-528-0215 (PST / USA)

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[email protected]
Contact me by cell
All depends on what your looking at Exactly.