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Looking to partner with collective or street vendors for low cost testing services

I own and operate a Cannabis micro lab that provides a low cost testing service for THC potency, CBDS potency, mold & fungus inspection, pesticide detection. Services include a Certificate of Analysis for each test performed and can test any product made from the cannabis plant. Have any interest hit me at [email protected] thanks.


What state are you located in?

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He’s not far from me

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Where in California are you located and if available what is the pricing on testing THC products Trim, Crude, distant

Thanks for reply pricing is based on product and quantity tested example flower testing based on 4 test min $35 per test, oils, edibles & $50 4 test min. Located in Riverside Ca. Sample req flower, edibles 1 gram, all other products 50 mg. Test results in 48 to 72 hrs

Can I get some contact information you can email me at [email protected]