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Looking to partner with cultivators for expansion

I am part of a project that will be capitalizing on a 51% minority owned entity in IL to bid on a cultivation and extraction license under the social equity provisions. We have funding, expertise and an existing hemp (licensed for grow and processing) facility that is operating in IL. If you are interested, please reach out to 312-544-9273 with details and background on yourself. Serious inquiries only


Calling @mastergrowers, @Caregivers, and @GrowOpEmployees for an opportunity in the Land of Lincoln.

@HempStaff might be able to lend a hand with some of your staffing needs as well :+1:


Im listening…


Need help finding the quality candidates you are seeking for positions within your company? Let @HempStaff Help! No upfront costs & No Exclusivity Requirements! What more can you ask for?

Fill out a New Business Owner Form and we will have one of our business developers contact you to discuss further~

Why it Pays to Recruit with HempStaff

  • 50,000+ ready to work candidates in the HempStaff database.
  • Established in 2014, we have one of the largest candidate databases of any cannabis staffing agency.
  • Access to the BEST pre-screened, prospective talent in the industry with our HempStaff recruiters
  • We have candidates with previous cannabis experience, or no cannabis experience
  • We also have a dispensary agent training program for entry level positions across the nation.
  • All candidates will be pre-screened by HempStaff to make sure they meet your requirements, prior to sending you their resume.
  • We conduct the Criminal Federal Background check for you, once an offer is made, at no charge!
  • You DO NOT PAY ANYTHING to start a search, invoiced only once the candidate starts working!
  • No exclusivity requirement, feel free to work with as many cannabis staffing agencies as you wish – we have confidence we will bring you the best candidates.
  • When searching, we screen through the HempStaff database first, while our cannabis industry recruiters also search through their contacts and online for your perfect candidate.
  • Fill the job 1 TIME. We can offer better fill ratios than competitors, as HempStaff concentrates only on PERMANENT Placement.
  • YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR DAILY OPERATIONS , and running your business instead of constant candidate screening for your next opening.
  • Salary negotiation is simple, and stress free.
  • 90 Day guarantee, if the employee quits, or gets fired. We will “Backfill” it ASAP, for FREE.
  • Unlike most cannabis recruiters, we hold both national liability, and professional insurance for your extra security.
  • We will help your business grow, and have the resources to be with you the whole journey, when you have an opening we are just an email away.
  • You have an Account Manager to work with you the entire way, and understand EXACTLY what you are looking for.
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For any questions, you can reach out to me in a private message or by phone


Tried, and u haven’t responded


I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything showing you contacted me. Was this by phone or through direct msg?