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Looking to tour a Farm in WA next week

Hello everybody!

I’ve got an appointment on August 1st that is bringing me down to the Vancouver BC area.
That being said I would like to make my trip worth while by jumping across the border on July 31st to tour an operational farm in WA state, preferably closer to the border but I don’t mind traveling a couple hours south if need be. Somebody who would be willing to give me some hands on advice for an hour or two out of their day where I can see all these theories I have been researching be put into practice.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to anybody who wishes to offer.


Do you want to meet team behind Grow Op Farms / Phat Panda in Spokanne, WA?

They were episode 2 of Canna Cribs:

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Never in my life would I think seeing an operation like that would be an option and I would be honoured to have the opportunity. I personally am a big fan of their work and probably own about 90k of the 116k views on youtube. :wink:
That being said it is a little farther away than I was originally anticipating, so give me a day or two to figure our the logistics for a trip like that. If they will have me, then I will find a way.


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Hey Bryan! Let me know if you’ll end up going to Phat Panda/Grow Op. You might actually get a glimpse of the RocketBox while there :smiley: