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Losing my sh*t

Please help me out here I added the exact amount of nutrition for the plants recommend on the bottle and I got a little nute burn how do I fix the problem? Or it I cut the nutrients out will they be fine? Do I need to flush ? As you can tell I’m definitely losing my shit?

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Growers that grow in Hydro use 1/2 strength of what the bottle tells you it is a safe bet you can always increase your dosage. You can flush it won’t hurt but the damage has already been done but flushing will stop anymore.


Dont worry too much, just lay off the nutes a for a couple days and see if they bounce back. Like @charlieseeds suggests use half strength.

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I flushed them a little and I’m gonna cut out the nutrients for a week or so :crossed_fingers:t2:

When I get burn I flush for at least a week w the smallest amount on cal mag and boild water that’s been cooled and it seem to either stop right away or bounced back over the next 2 weeks but If it’s really bad il flush for a week and a half usually works

It’s just on the tip of the plant on one leave of 2 out of the four so I just flushed them today should I flush them everyday? @shmodyshmott

That depends on how big ur plant is and how often u usually water it if it’s quite large you may want to flush it consecutively for a week if it’s smaller I could imagine it might not need the whole week to flush kuz it’s going to try to burn up what it can every day and I want to wash out the excess nutes but for a smaller plant in a smaller pot will go thru less nutes in the same time a big plant will the same amount so I would at least flush for 2 or 3 days depending on size

@shmodyshmott there not very big and are in 3 gallon smart fabric pots


Yeah if u jus flushed them today I would continue for at least 2 or 3 not days jus to be on the safe side

Thanks I appreciate the info a bunch!!