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I want to introduce myself and my company. My name is “chuy.” For legal purposes, i wanna keep my name under wraps for the time being. I got into some trouble as a teen. I struggled with addiction for years. Long story short. I had spent the beginning of my adulthood incarcerated. I have always been a part of the cannabis culture. I have always been an avid smoker. And ive been following this wave of legalizations since a teen. And while i was incarcerated i followed every story and documentary on cannabis. One time i seen a little boy with epileptic seizures, up to 100 seizures a day. In the news clip they showed this boy having a seizure. And his father put a dropper of cannabis oil under his tongue. Then slowly this boy came back. He recovered quickly and back to his toys he went. His father says, now hes only having maybe 5 seizures a day. As long as he has cannabis oil. He takes his oil, and you can see the happiness. His parents describe how it makes him able to be more active. And their life wouldnt be the same without cannabis…
And BOOM it was like an epiphany. This is it. This is how i give back. Being a convicted felon. I can never be a doctor, nurse, or my actual dream of being a massage thereapist. Because nobody will have a felon in a doctors office. But this is it. Cannabis. This plant that i have been around since a child. There are so many benefits. This is how i can finally help people. So i read every book i could get my hands on while i was locked up. Everything about farming, aquaponics, hydroponics, composting, organics. I mean everything. And when i was released from prison. I decided this was my future. I started growing, honing my craft. And im currently looking to start a small batch premium cannabis company… so it just me and my wife. We are working towards getting our farm off the ground. And im so glad you guys allowed us to be a part of your community. So that we have somewhere to record and share our progress. And maybe one day soon you might see our name on the shelf in a dispensary near you. Hell, you might even see inside our own dispensay one day…

Thanks again for having us
Midwest cannabis co.


from 16 to 21 years old in Max A security back in 1977 got a AAS in

Horticulture/Green House Management

Go Attica :slight_smile:

welcome and nice that you are here enjoy

and we love grow photos



I am trying to figure out how to put them on here. I have some pics from my last blueberry run. And i would love to bless the community with pics of my current grow… again trying to figure out how to post



Let me know if you can see those.


We can see em :wink: Welcome @midwestcc420. I believe our community (the canna fam in general) is or at least is trying to be an open-minded, non-judgemental, kind community. So if there’s one place to start for people who can use a second chance, this one is it. Congratulations with the start of your business and may your future be a prosperous & fruitful one!
Happy growing.


Welcome @midwestcc420. We have a saying down here, “próspero año nuevo”. It means have a prosperous New Year.


nice looking flowers :slight_smile:


look into a relief of civil disabilities

if you are not real bad boy they can wipe the slate clean

so to speak

I looked into it last year I have not had any problems since 1995

had a problem with a R.I.C.O. charge and a conspiracy charge, I talked to a lawyer who

cleans up records for folks

The dude just laughed and said with three felon conviction and lot of indictments/arrested

they would just look at me as a career criminal

so if that is not you it maybe be worth a look

I am 62 years old and could careless in the end one way or the other

I never have been ashamed of my past or hide it

I grew up in The South Bronx in the mid 70s it was a war zone and lots of Heroin

you do what it takes to survive

the best to you in your business and be safe



In other words… you’re a real bad boy haha!
Like you said man… you do what it takes to survive.

It’s much easier to judge someone, put a stamp on em, classify and forget than to truly listen to one’s story or motivations, re-evaluate, giving a new chance, etc.

Society, you’re a crazy breed…


Im sorry for the struggles you went through but glad things are looking better now. Welcome and good luck