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Mantis Buffered Nutrients Test Run

If you have never heard of Mantis it’s a Canadian single bottle nutrient manufacturer.

I’m going to be testing it out!

Medium: Canna Coco Coir
Nutes: Mantis
Strain: Black Candyland
Breeder: JOTI


Curious why you are starting those under a dome?


I always germinate and start seedlings :seedling: under a dome until they have a decent root structure. Moving them under the LED this week though.


Personal choice then. Was just curious. I tried it a few times. It always ended badly for me. :sob::sob::scream:


I’m interested in this mantis you speak of. I will be watching. I kinda want to drink it. I think it’s the antifreeze color


Yeah it’s almost alien green I’m interested too. Stuff glowing :alien:


5ml per litre from cutting or seedling to harvest

No need for any pH adjustment ever

No need to flush

Hydro application


Very cool might have to look into it


I’m going to pick up a bottle of this soon. I’m intrigued by the concept


Pumped for you to put it to work!!!

The pH looking perfect for you?

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I’ll check the PH so far looking great :+1:


Looking good so far easy as hell haha.


Watching this thread. Good job so far.

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Love it!!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Remember to keep the feed rate the same.

5ml per litre the entire life cycle.

Do not add anything else.

No need to check the pH.

What is your pH reading anyways?

No need to flush and your product is going to be clean, flavourful and beautiful white ash.

You should do a side by side flush vs no flush to see if you can see any difference.

We are stoked to see these plants through to the end.

Thanks for taking the time to share the good word!!

For any of you who have not been to our Instagram yet, please check us out as we do many things Cannabis Tech that you might find interesting.

P.S. We just received our Health Canada Nursery License!!!
If you are in Canada keep you eyes peeled for our Cannabis Seed Company called “Erbaceous” Hitting the shelves early 2020.


But can we drink it?

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Although the amount of heavy metals in it is about the same a city drinking water.

A man is not a plant…Do not drink it :wink:

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Well, I turned vegetable a few times after eating my “space brownies” :crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Does that count?

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I mean technically nothing in that bottle.should hurt us as we take those same ingredients in day in our food right?

I’ll check the PH soon just need to recalibrate it, from what I can see looks spot on, leaves are a nice green shade, growing pretty fast also. Liking it so far.

Hey how are your little ladies??

Have they made a transplant yet?

Are you still enjoying how easy is?

They are doing good, not transplanted yet…having an issue with containing bloody thrips! I think something like this is the future though. One question does it contain all the supplementary ingredients like Advanced e.g bud candy contains sugars…