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Mantis Buffered Nutrients

Anyone tried these? One bottle solution:


I have not.

What you know about them @fusiondesigner?


Some guy developed it PhD one bottle makes 200l of nutes


$ 99.95 per 1L bottle :thinking:


Yeah one bottle tho, problem with AN is 25 bottles lol


It must be so New, nobody has had a chance to use it ! Lol


Hmm… 200L = 52ga. With my 40ga reservoir holding 35ga of water, assuming I’d never have to top it off and would do two full system changes during a flower run… that’s three bottles.

$300 for nutes for a grow.

I’ll wait for someone else to test it out. :slight_smile: That’s like ten times what it costs me running Jacks 3-2-1.


A great thing abut MANTIS is that you do not need to change your reservoir between as it is an all in one.

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I love the colour Mike any samples for Ontario growers?

I wrote an email to their customer service asking if this is hydroponic specific. They said it works great in a soiless mixture like promix hp so I assume it’s fair game for any type of medium… They only took a couple of hours to email back which was nice. Here’s the email below

I will definitely pick up a bottle for my next grow in mid fall… I’ll be growing the same two strains as I’m growing right now so I’ll be able to compare this to AN’s micro,grow,bloom+big bud+flawless finish which has costed me about 140 bucks…


Change your reservoir between what? Top offs or switching to flower?

I have gone the entire veg cycle without changing out my reservoir and been fine. Initiating flower brings on a whole new set of problems though.

The other issue is that reservoirs get dirty over time which can affect the clean top off water that your adding to it.

I have never used mantis but have run the Lucas formula for a long time which it’s just two bottles, I only increase ppms come flower time. I have always experienced problems when I don’t change out my REZ at least every two weeks in flower or when switching to flower. I never considered it a nutrient problem but more of a water problem.


I have that plus about 15 more bottles lol

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Just put some math to this equation, as far as what I spend only using two bottles using the Lucas formula

I can buy a quart of micro for $13 dollars at Growers House

And a quart of bloom for $11 dollars at Growers House

The Lucas formula at full strength( which you won’t use full strength when its young) is 8ml of micro and 16ml bloom per gallon.

There is 947 milliliters in a quart of General hydroponics bloom and micro.

947 / 16 is roughly equal to 59 gallons

It takes a full bottle of bloom and half a bottle of micro to make 59 gallons bringing my total cost to $18.50.

By @Bogleg’s calculations it cost $99 dollars to make 52 gallons using Mantis. That’s over five times what I’m paying now!!! :no_mouth:

What I’m using is way cheaper and developed by NASA lol, I’ll stick with what I’m using until price and efficiency can change my mind.

The article above is geared towards hydroponics but I run Lucas in both soil and hydro


If you guys are really gung ho about a single bottle setup then take a look at General hydroponics flora nova bloom

You can run the Lucas formula with it also as covered in the article that I posted above and it cost $19 at Growers House

When using the Lucas formula using the flora nova bloom, you add 8ml of nutrients to every one gallon of water.

947 / 8 = 118 gallons of water and your only using a single bottle

So one bottle of flora nova bloom makes 118 gallons for under $20


One bottle of Mantis makes 52 gallons for $99 :thinking:

I tried looking for the NPK numbers on the Mantis bottle hoping to see if I could find a way to make more out of less but but couldn’t find anything on their website or looking at the bottle online :thinking:

I personally choose the two bottle setup over the one bottle because I can tweak the 1:2 ratio (8ml micro / 16ml bloom) in the two bottle setup to accommodate varying needs from veg to flower if I so choose.

If MANTIS was under $30 a bottle then I would buy one and experiment but @ $99 a bottle I won’t even buy it once.


I don’t like buffered products, personally. This one is buffered @ 5.8-6.2.


How come you don’t like them?

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Hi everyone,

Loving the fact that our MANTIS Buffered Nutrients is a focus of discussion. It is an amazing product that really changes the game when it comes to simplifying your life when it comes to feeding your plants.

We designed MANTIS at our Health Canada licensed Research and Development lab called CanGenX BioTech. CanGenX is a cannabis tech company that provides tissue culture services, breeding projects, virus testing, and other cannabis tech related projects.

Checkout our instagram feed to see bit more about what we do on the day to day :slight_smile:

MANTIS was created out of necessity here at our lab as at any given time we have hundreds of plants, all at different stages of growth so it was taking us all day to keep the plants alive using traditional feeding schedules.

MANTIS was developed by Geoff White, he is a Molecular Biologist, Bio Chemist, Agronomist. It was designed specifically for cannabis. The real magic and what makes it so different from the competition is the pH buffer. It is inert so the plant does not absorb it. Therefore the soil or hydro stays at the ideal pH at all times. This allows the plant to uptake what it needs , when it needs it. MANTIS works for any strain (So great for Auto flowers as it takes the guessing out of it).

Selling features:
-Same feed ratio the entire life cycle
-No need to adjust pH at all
-Works in soil or hydro
-No need to flush

I know a lot of people get sticker shock as it is one litre for $99 but most big brands cost aroundd the same for 200 litres of water using there full product line. We have done the math and we are not the most expensive but we are on the high side of the average.

That being said, MANTIS does things that other brands do not do. Let’s face it… These days everything is about simplifying the process. We have done that for growing with MANTIS Buffered Nutrients.

Sorry but we are only selling in Canada right now as we have marketed it as what it is a Cannabis specific nutrient. We do intend on heading into the US market in the nearish future.

There are major perks for growing large scale with one nutrient that stays at the same rate for all applications. Think about that…

We do have better rates for large scale growers.
Shoot me an email or give me a call if you would like to learn more.

Cheers Grower friends,

Michael Tarrant

Director of Sales

"Inspire to Grow"

CanGenX BioTech Inc
[email protected]
1(250) 328-4695

MANTIS Garden Centre Flyer - back.pdf (1.0 MB)

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I prefer to control my plants’ pH, depending on needs/grow stage.

Of course, I’m a home grower who has no more than 8-10 plants going at a time–typically all at the same life stage–so keeping on top of their pH needs is easy. If I had a large commercial grow, I’m sure my outlook would be different.


Sounds good to me!

If you are on instagram, checkout @rangi_kijani he was using the same program and then switched to MANTIS and could not be happier.