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Massachussets tobacco wholesalers want in on recreational marijuana


Looks like they want to get a slice of the cannabis market:


Not too surprising. I imagine most tobacco producers know that their sales will wane in the long run, especially when faced with competition from cannabis.


Don’t give the opposition any ammo Mass! the objectors will site that Tobacco is being sold and it goes hand in hand with weed smoking or worse they say it leads to smoking cigarettes. Mass is a weird place filled with lots of young people and ton of older conservatives…it hard enough to get a dispensary license now Tobacco is going to try and own in, sounds hanky


Here is a link to a research article where the researchers discovered that inhaling CBD decreased the use of cigarettes in study participants. I have a feeling that this is why the tobacco folks want on board too.

“Cannabidiol reduces cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers: Preliminary findings”


That’s a really interesting result and I can guess at a couple mechanisms that might be behind it. In addition to their hypothesis that it decreases the addiction potential of nicotine, it might also reduce general inflammation that they might be using the nicotine to self-medicate for. Nicotine itself has a depressive effect on the immune system so replacing that with CBD makes sense.


That, combined with the fact that our endocannabinoid system plays a large role in regulating brain functions. CBD has a myriad of effects on the brain, many of which we have yet to figure out.