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Michigan 2022 Outdoor

So this is what I going with outdoors this year
1 Strawberry Cough
1 MK Ultra
1 Girl Scout Cookie Extreme
1 Blue Dream
1 Grand Daddy Purple
1 Chocolope
3 CBD’s
1 Jilly Bean
2 Zorillolocos
And I have a Super Lemon Haze clone
A Gorilla Glue clone and a
Mystery clone on stand by because 7 are Regular seeds, so I’m expecting a few males I don’t want.
And this is the mess I’m starting with. I have some upgrades to do, I’m hoping the weather men are correct this week. Finally have some nice dry days to come.


Nice I have about 100 MK CBD seedlings I will be putting out by June


Nice, I like to make my old-school RSO, kinda experimenting to find a mix that work for myself, family, and friends. Now been researching CBG a little to try and get that combination for the fricken arthritis in the hands.


If you don’t want to waste time and money on possible males, for 10 bucks a plant you can get them genetically tested for male or female. This saves a lot of time and money because you’re not growing plants you don’t want so you’re not wasting the soil and the nutrients and the time. Check it out it’s called farmer Freeman genetic testing



Hey, lovely grow lineup and grow area and good luck. Just met a breeder from Michigan the past weekend. Tony from Devils Lettuce seeds, he specializes in automatics and is a carer. He was also one of the Judges at the East coast Canna Cup. Here is a video of him speaking about the cup. Good man.


Just an update, chopped my 1st male, 1 of the CBD’s

All the others are doing fine, and hopefully with the weather this week I’ll be able to get a good start on the greenhouses.
Also have some veggies ready for the garden.


A couple Wedding Cake auto’s that will be staying indoors. Started flowering at 4 weeks. Had to boost nutrient a little when they transitioned 20220511_200001|666x500


Filling out nicely, can’t wait for the sun to take over.


Is that the original Strawberry cough? Just curious. Ive got her at my buddies growing. He is in a legal state about an hr and a half drive from me. I grow mainly cbg here at this farm. Jack Frost cbg, White cbg, and a couple others Ive crossed and made myself. Hope you find the cbg stuff your looking for. Its an awesome cannabinoid. We call cbg the hapoy cannabinoid. That stuff works. Im not a fan of cbd, I grow that mainly because people ask for it, otherwise Im a huge fan of cbg, cbn, and starting to get more into cbc.
Heres a pic of my strawberry cough. I have the true original strawberry cough, Aquired in FtCollins Co back in ‘03. Traded either our maui or mendo purps for it back then, forgot which one. We been cloning her ever since. I have a room full of them now that where reversing to make pollen from. Gonna keep driving up there to make more fem beans of her and do a few other crosses. Hey,ive even crossed her already with preybirds stuff!!! Hehehe but thats all personal stock! Sorry. Strawberry cough is great for migraines, helps with pain from ibs and crones, and it boosts your sex drive. For real. Kind of freaky wierd. Lmao


@bullfrog420 It’s the last seed from ILGM seed bank. I don’t do any crossing of anything, just don’t seem to have time.:rage: I do clone sometimes when I fine something that’s worth it. When it comes to the CBG, do you harvest early, like 6 weeks in or so? That’s what I’ve been seeing. Do you know we’re I can get any of the CBG seeds?


The ladies want outside LOL. Been working on the upgrades to one of my greenhouses, two more to go. And these are the two Wedding Cake auto’s inside at 9 days into flower