Michigan 2022 Outdoor

So you are a indica smoker? I love my indicas. Ive had enough of mac1 now its made me catch up on sleep but the sleep has been really deep. When i wake up takes me about 15mins to just open my eyes when am on the mac1.

Am searching for a Sativa strain now, ive getting bored being couch locked now. The mac1 has done her job ! Lol :laughing:


any of Haze are a good choice :slight_smile: they do flower longer


I’m new to the Hazes. Pineapple Haze Auto ive tried. Properly many more, but my guy doesnt allways tell me the strain names. He says too much hard work remembering a lot of strains to everybody likes lol :laughing:


You got it. I don’t smoke much during the day, but need it for night time to relax. One I don’t have in there yet is a Grateful Breath. There is a Jilly Bean that I believe is a male, if so it will be replaced. There is a Green Crack in there, will see how she turns out.:v:


Ive heard of green crack and Knack.
Get the male out of there lol

So much to learn about strains. Ive found a few a love.

The White Star - Digital Genetics. Organic.
Bet smoke Ive ever had, properly because i grew it for my 3rd grow lol but the high last for about 3hrs and i landscaped my gardens last summer nuts lol

The Mac1, great for sleep and having a laugh and very social at low amounts. Too many bongs its a couch locker.

Cherry OG, this one blew my tastes buds out the water. Was a very heavy head high that made me feel like i was walking like jelly.

Jaffa Cake, made me hyper and little bonkers lol

Many more…
I have so many seeds and things to grow to find the medicine that suites me


@TechDCo thats what i have found hard finding strain thats suits me love alot of different strains but all do different things like you said


2 Monkey slaps sprouted December 15th

2 Runtz sprouted December 13th Both @PreyBird1 seeds. They seem to like Coco/perlite mix.


There parents were raised in coco and or promix-hp. I also use to use tupur gold also but that stuffs not cheap. And there something else in that stuff thats like little sharp needles ground sharp things after i got those slivers? In my fingers from that tupur i said im not using it ever again. So i went to promix-hp and thats what i like now and thats what im staying with. I started out using soil and it all went from there.

  1. Soil
  2. Coco
  3. Tupur
  4. Promix-hp

Man im gonna start looking for a nice green crack or purple crack is what id like more. Too bad you dont have a clone of it for me. Well see how yours turns out.


I’m planning on cloning, but depending on how she turns out, on whether or not she will be kept. I want to put one outdoors this spring.
I did grow one outdoors years ago and did pretty well, but with Michigan weather you just never know.
Also Promix has been my go to as well, Coco is something I have just started working with a year ago.