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Michigan Medical Marihuana

My name is Ted Visner and I recently started working in the Medical Marihuana Industry here in Michigan because some friends suggested to me that even though the laws here permit the growing and cultivation of Medical Marihuana, there is no legal way to do it while staying in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act or MMMA.

It is one thing to read about the industry but all together different to actually work in the industry with the specific intent to discover the problems and issues within the laws that supposedly makes it legal.

I have discovered that the so-called laws regarding the growing and sales of medical marihuana in Michigan creates an entrapment scheme created by the state for profit to the state by making criminals out of people trying to work legitimately in this industry. The things I have learned can only be learned by having done it and now I have.

I am starting this forum thread in hopes of gathering other Michigan Growers feedback with regard to issues you may have encountered while trying to stay in compliance with the MMMA.


Have you consulted with a lawyer about these issues? It would certainly seem wise to do so.

Apparently you don’t know what an entrapment scheme is.