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MJBizCon - Las Vegas - I'll be attending! :)

Well, as some of you who have been in private correspondence with me know, I assembled this corporation with very little money, and subsequently do not have much left in regards to attending events like the aforementioned.

However, I’ve just recently been gifted a trip to meet with you all! I look forward to meeting everyone who is seriously involved within this industry.

I won’t have a booth, as it is honestly unnecessary & unaffordable, at this present time. However, I look forward to speaking with you all regarding the science and mathematics associated with these new technologies, as well as any other innovations which can help to further our industry.

I plan to ask many companies representing their products, some tough questions. But ultimately, I plan to enjoy myself in an area I’ve never visited, and take a much deserved break from grinding vehemently in my personal home, while establishing connections which could potentially further my vision.

If you are interested in uniting with me on this journey, then I have no issue responding to any email I receive. You can contact me @ [email protected]

I’m truly looking forward to such a fantastic learning experience. I’m aware that I have much more to learn, than I have to teach. I am simply a young man, with big dreams, who desperately wants to change the world for the better. I believe the cannabis industry can help me with that.

Thank-you for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you all.

Austin Rouse