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Moisture testing rockwool

Hey guys, thanks for having me here!!

Just set up a 5x5 veg tent on a drip feed system with rockwool. The guy at the local grow shop suggested a cheapo moisture meter and I’m finding inconsistent results with it. Truthfully, I was looking for something digital with more accurate readings.

Do any of you know of a digital moisture meter that will work in rockwool cubes besides the whole system that costs a couple grand? That’s a possible goal but not a feasible purchase at the moment.

Also just any tips y’all think might help a rockwool newbie. Thanks!!:call_me_hand:


@happilyretired would this work for @crehzy?


I never even considered something like this :thinking: hopefully some others weigh in on the subject!! If not I guess I will be conducting an experiment


@happilyretired grows in rockwool slabs so he can help you more than I can. I do know you can use a meter like that to check the moisture in your buds.


Good to know!! Thanks


Rockwool requires being fully saturated every day. I’ve tried Microdosing water to keep them evenly moist through the day, didn’t work, too hard to figure out the plant’s demand as it grows. I do my watering on a timer I figured out how much water goes to each plant per minute and that’s how I determine how long to leave the pump on. Right now my plants are getting almost 3 quarts of water/nutrients every day and I’m barely getting any runoff. They get about a half a gallon after lights on and then they get just under a quart about four hours before lights off Per plant. By flooding the cube with water it gives the plant plenty of water for the day especially if there small. You can feed fairly hot in Rock wool because pulls so much oxygen through the roots. It stays wet at the bottom and the moisture draws down from the top pulling oxygen. Anyways I don’t think a moisture meter is the answer for a home grower. Just give enough till a little runs out the bottom you’ll be fine until they start wilting in the afternoon then you’ll have to start adding a little bit more again later in the day. This is my take on it anyway. :man_shrugging::v:t3: