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More than one reason

I’m not positive if this should go into this category, but I have seen posts about using natural gas generators for CO2 enhancement. Anyone who buys such a generator should contact their utility. Almost every utility has what are called demand response programs where they will pay fairly well for a business to fire up their generator on high use days during the summer. I’m not familiar with every utility, but there are some that will help with the cost of maintaining the generator. If you are with Portland General Electric…

As I said I’m not sure of every utility, but that’s just a matter of a phone call, or an email. Even in states without deregulated electricity, most utilities have demand response programs. Every state is different, every operation is different, but there is certainly quite of bit of money being left on the table.


That’s really helpful, thank you for sharing this! As we hear more stories of rising production costs (and lower price on the wholesale side,) I’m sure cultivators everywhere will be looking for ways to save more money!

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