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Mother Plant Nutrient Needs


I have recently read some guidance that suggests mother plants need to be feed a little differently than a normal “veg” feeding plan. In particular, this guidance suggested limiting nitrogen in the nutrient mix and sticking to a 1:1 N:P ratio.

Does anyone here have any take on proper nutrition for keeping moms?


I’ve always fed them with lighter veg nutes and never had a prob tbh. Just trim and feed



I have always just done weekly flushes (in pro mix ) and had no issues , mind you I grow organically so little toxic salt build up


Some would suggest that giving mothers a higher level of phosphorus in their feed a few days before cloning creates healthier clones. That is likely where the limiting nitrogen comes from.
I’ve always just fed the same feed as vegging plants for the most part. Depending on the growing medium, I usually up the CalMag dose for mothers, though. I usually give mothers a pretty high EC feed, usually around 1.4 - 1.8. As long as all other factors (temp, humidity, lights) are in proper range, they’ll take up those nutrients!


If you were to just want them to stay within a certain size, would you do that differently? I see where a grow op might treat a mother a bit differently than a hobbyist in that maybe growing them quickly to clone a lot versus just keeping a mother vegging for a long time as a hobbyist.


@pomeroymc, I know this isn’t always an option but I would lower the light intensity. Whether that be lowering wattage or changing lights all together, it will result in slower growth so long as everything else stays nearly the same - perhaps slightly lower nutrients though.
This is actually an experiment that I did at my house: vegged plants under a super small T5 to slow down their growth so that the other plants could catch up, and it worked very nicely!

Absolutely! Since I work in large scale, they want those mothers to grow as quickly as possible. :wink:


Thank you so much for your reply, and I agree, lights play a huge roll in the growth rate of a plant. I love the abilities I have now in some of the DIY lights that some of my buddies (@dbrn32, thanks buddy! :kissing_heart:) have helped my husband and I put together. The potentiometer alone is priceless! We first put together some CRI-90 COBs replacing our 600 watts HID fixture and since then we have added a strip light fixture that my husband built me for Christmas. Can you tell what I love doing? LOL The control is so beneficial as a grower. Since improving our lights I have said that they are definitely our number one improvement as home hobbyist growers, we just love them.

Again, thank you for the wonderful reply! Nice to meet you, btw!!!


Sounds like you have quite a passion, that’s great!
Nice to meet you as well!


Cannabis/Marijuana has literally saved my life, so yeah, I truly am dedicated to always improving my knowledge and abilities to maintain a constant and steady supply of medicine for my husband and I both. I look forward to getting to know you better!