Mrscrabs outdoor grow

Hello everyone I’m gona go ahead and post some pics of my grow, it’s an all natural grow without fertizer of pesticides, that don’t come from Nature. My grow consists of black soilder fly compost, super soil , sound simple , it is , just dig a hole not to big or wide insert plant and watch them take of. I developed this method for gorilla growing where one can be by the river fishing and with the bait bucket take non ph’d water and saturate the ground and go back to fishing. Simple. I’m half ways so I will rewind a bit from the beginning , so here we go

Here are my plants as seedlings, here a couple more pics as they develop
so far so good :blush:

Here’s a experiment I tried straight coco with insects frass and charged (urine) biochar

! [image|281x(upload://goOU9vUdYj21IwQNYoqeZ24gX45.png) this her atm , didn’t ph in coco and she did fairly well and now is growing in the ground

Back to my grow in fast forward her they are at the moment and just before they got put into the ground

here’s a sneak peak at my composting roaches and there home

Black soilder fly bins, larvae hard at work

nothing fancy but effective, have a blessed day and enjoy everyone :grinning::bug::ant::beetle::cricket::spider::mosquito::crab::crab:


Looks cool! Love to see all the different ways people like to grow! I’ll be on board waiting for updates. What strains are you growing?


It’s a strain I breed from trying different strains for hot humid weather and these two did great. It’s a train wreck, crossed with purple snowman, both Sativa dominate. It’s my first time trying this cross let’s see how it goes, thanks fir stopping bye and checking out my grow!!!:+1:


Woohoo I’ll be watching. About to let some beans fall in water myself.


Hell yea brother, thanks for dropping bye :wave::+1: , good luck with them beans


The humidity here in southern Ontario has been crazy this summer. Can’t believe my plants are holding up! That sounds like a great strain! Can’t wait to see some buds😍


For sure will keep you posted, thanks buddy , it’s holding up in 90 to 110 weather, humidity range from 50 to 75%


Hello @mrcrabs, very interesting Brah. We’ve talked but now with your explanation and show n tell, I can see the light Mang. Very interesting choice of bugs. It’s probably because of your horticulture environment n country. I say this by - no experience behind using or even hearing about those two bugs. I’m using Red Wrigglers for composting along side earth worms and any other insect that wants to join them. Lol.
However it goes my little buddies go right into my Totes when planting. Because I fed the Living Soil, and in return the Soil Feds my plants. Just that simple. Water when needed n 3 compost tea feedings in one plant life. I also grow indoors.
But I’m here to follow you and learn as well. Thanks for setting up a thread.


ThAnks at Hootie, my roach bin consist mainly on a burrowing type of roach called Surinam cockroaches, or green house roach, they love mulched compost bins and reproduce quickly, they are an asexual roach, that rarely produce males, and come out in the hundreds at night fall from there burrows. Sort of icky if you ain’t used to stuff like this. Of course thre are also worms, grubs, slugs , Rollie pollies etc, etc, and all other things attract to compost bins. I’m real fascinated by bugs and insects, @organicgrower4m, and try to take advantage of all Mother Earth has to offer, thanks fir stopping bye :+1::crab:


Ain’t much action atm, girls doin fine
A quick update