My brothers house

Some of the gorilla glue and the og cheese clones I gave my brother this yr

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Ther all at least 4 and hlf feet atm and ther going into transition

Very nice cloning and growth should be a great harvest

Man you can go way bigger on the pots and get massive plants. Better yet go living soil beds.

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He has all the stuff to do living soil he jus hasn’t kuz of the smell and location and I understand he got robd last yr almost all the clones I gave him

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Robbed! Thats fucking weak man. Loser have to rob weed plants. Too bad were in the city. Id set up some bear traps!

I’m not I’m a city but I’m in a hill town pop of like 8000 so and we live in the low income area I’m the only 1 outa my mom’s kids who bought a house and I only over 1 block over

Man good job bro. Took me 20 yrs to get a home.

Yep what @preybird1 said…lol… look healthy though and I hate thieves… why I love our little town every grows and if they steal any they dry it and weigh it and bring back the same weight of theirs…lol… it’s like a game other then for me… dogs big fence and great neighbours…

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Let’s jus say we found who it was ok and we didn’t not take what was the out of ours plus a lil some fuckn dude like thretend my parents and vandalized my mom’s garden Wich was unesicery

But it took me 26 yrs to buy a house I’m Guna 29 soon