My HAPPY 4:20 trip 2022!

I flew to washington for a breeders private 4:20 event! I hung out with some really awesome people. Went to an underground black market for breeders and producers. I was an awesome 4:20 and i had a great time. Just flying back now. But here are a few pics from the event.

I left my wife home to finish the trimming of my last harvest and im resetting to run a Rdwc system. And now im doing all my favorite strains i just made into f2’s now.


Looks like an AMAZING time you had THERE bro!!!


So awesome buddy! Safe travels my friend. Seems the holidaze was well to you.


Did ya find any absolutely killer strain seeds? Looks like an amazing time, so ya going to RDWC huh…I was wondering how long it would take you to go there. It’s different, and if it is running right the growth is nothing short of amazing. Me I sat at home, raining here, but still enjoyed it.

Awesome Prey


Yeah i picked up some awesome genetics. And sampled a lot of my new collaboration strains!


That looks like a damn fine meetup @PreyBird1, underground is where the crafters and interesting folk hang about. Glad it was a success. Spill the beans?


Lol thanks @chrisj it was the coolest thing ive done in a long time. I didnt go to a dispensary but a far more fun and intetesting place. And the kid that gave me a ride from the airport was a psycho active mushroom guru! I never learned so much about mushrooms. And he’s worked at the shop called the barn for a couple years. And his job was to talk to patients and get them the right weed for there ailments or diseases or balms or lotions or eddibles. It was Similar to a canadian compasion club. Everything there is donations and they are medical card holder only club. The have a dab lounge out back. Where you can just hang out and dab!. The owner was seriosly cool and he was giving us dabs of this oreo cookies strain on a gravity bong mounted to the wall with an enail on it burning the dabs. I have NEVER been so high in my life! I smoked dabs, flower, blunts,joints,bongs and eating eddibles at same time. One guy was running around with 15lbs of medicated sugar! I was 1000% mega ripped for days! Rosin,bho,sauce insane! Hell we were even pressing flower and smoking dabs of it. I got a really good high off this strain called iraqi titanium! I did enjoy gmo a bit also. I only stopped smoking weed to sleep! It was bannanas!


Prey that seriously sounds like some get togethers from back in the day( the rainbow family gathering ) some of the coolest people I ever met. Glad you got to experience that. Excited to see the new projects that entail.


@PreyBird1 the posts i find and read of yours are wicked this looked like a awesome few days


Well then im glad you found them. If you want to read all my threads simply just touch my avitar and then on activity. Then select topics and browse away. Or use the seach magnifying glass in the right upper corner and type what you want to find.


Awesome thanks brother much appreciated