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My plants suck. can u help?

can you all identify any fixes just by looking? plants are thin, yellow, ugly to be sure lol. Theyd recently been cloned off and havent gotten their groove back. first time grower, please dont leave anything out, Ill use any info given or suggested and thanks

Nutrient deficiency and raise them light and they should recover fine. May need to flush first though. Looks like phosphorus (kinda) and cal/mag deficiency

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Here, these helped me a lot.


wow…that chart is a damn godsend. Thanks and i believe a flush is probably spot on. Could overwatering create this color, or even the wilt? Tried to wait until the soil was nice and dry but be damned if i dont kinda mother hen them a lil too much lol. Thanks again mr dreamer and the other fella that answered as well. much obliged

What are you feeding them and at what PPM’s? Is your soil peat based or is it just coco? I agree that it looks more like deficiency than overwatering but when you flush it concentrate the water toward the outside of the pot and leave the center where the current roots are relatively more dry if you can. This will promote root growth into the unencroached areas of the root zone and not suffocate your current roots. When you flush collect some of the first water out and test the parts per million. This will tell you a lot. If the PPMs are 1200 or less I wouldn’t worry about flushing. Lastly, I always add rock wool so that it is a 50 or 60% rockwool to media ratio. You will never over water with this but you will have to water more often. I encourage you to do a side-by-side on anything new if it’s possible. Perhaps your next run add rock wool to one pot and not to the other treat them the same and see what results you get. These are some simple basic ideas and do not account for other factors you may have in the grow. Let me know if that makes sense and best of luck with your plants.


Is your ph good? This can affect and create all sorts of nutrient deficiencies…

Look like the light you are using is a MarsHydro tsw2000, I have the same light when I first got it I put it at full intensity and 24" from canopy and bleach my plant they look just like your, so reduced the light intensity (too much light),

Too much light for sure. Try exhausting some of that hot air and put the wattage down if possible. Once they come back to life you should put up the wattage on the lights over time.