My PSA Encouraging ppl to learn to grow during the quarantine

Hey Kids, being locked down like this, I keep looking at the glass is half full (actually it is 100% full, 50% water and 50% air but thats another discussion) I am trying in my local area to encourage stoners locked in at home to start to learn to grow their own. If I could connect with a few locals that are serious I have some little grow kits I am working on with some seeds (femmed Citrus Sap, Tahoe Cure or GG#4), a seed germinator, pro light, bits of gear I have extra and so on. Not complete but hey its free if folks are serious…but even if that doesn’t work I made this public service announcement to give others the idea since this would by definition be localized at best…feel free to laugh, I just used some open source tools, two infused joints of Burkle with Sour Dawg sugar infused and maybe a dozen of my best curse words but I finally got it to work. Thats the problem when you automate too much of your grow; idle hands and all that rot…


Welcome to GN @lbdwarrior! You are one funny guy! I loved your little video… :rofl:
And I think you’re doing a good thing! Keep on teaching and growing man, and I wish you plenty of success :+1: :nerd_face:


Cheers! Gotta say having dementia and spending your days figuring out new ways to grow cannabis is sweet and surreal. Gotta love it.

From the single-cola plant project…


:fist:… You’re a soldier bro… Keep the mind sharp and don’t focus on the past only the future… You don’t have dementia it’s all a mind state stay strong brother… Niiiiiccccceeee cola!!! Looking really great

My wife’s grandfather has dementia

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Hey bud, I have the Lewy Body kind, like Robin Williams. Its a real trip because unlike everything else, you zip in and out of dementia every few hours throughout the day, and if you are sorta mentally prepared for the changes and can kinda roll with them (no pun intended) you can use herb to enhance and you use your experience at being stoned to control the worst of the dementia symptoms, use them even. For example thanks to my dementia, I was able to sit down and watch the original Star Wars flick the other day, and thanks to the dementia I had so little memory of it, it was damned-near like watching Star Wars for the very first time, I was 15 all over again. Very cool. I use it other ways too but this gets deep after a bit…

As for the cola, that was a more successful one. The strain was one from a Michigan breeder called Exorcist, probably the single-most amazing medicinal strain because it makes big powerful medicine (uber high CBD and THC levels) AND it grows monstrously huge and beastly which is good for meds but bad if you need to do it indoors. FWIW Exorcist is Harlequin Jo x Ambulance if you breed it yourself; its worth it. Anyhow my idea was working out a way to force it to grow in a way perfect for indoor and closet grows. I mean if I barely could in a 6 x 8 tent, smaller grows were a non-issue. So making it work in that situation would be a cool trick and why else do we do anything? So I was fooling with a trick I stumbled into when figuring out outside growing in the desert and the trick of the moment was to veg them indoors and time it so they are 3 foot or so about Feb 1, around here about time I can put stuff outside and still have 8 weeks of dark. Usually I pre-bloom them a little first if time permits but them did the rest and one year I had a freak cold snap which stagnated the whole crop of 8-12 plants…for about 10 days…then they started again and the strangest things happened. Some that were young enough somehow were shocked all the way thru stretch and after that they never grew an inch, just budded and fattened…at 2 feet tall. Pefect even though I didn’t mean it, you saw result. The other thing though I worked with alot more since then is what I am called induced fox-tailing. I don’t have better word but on the ones that didn’t bud like above, they did this foxtail thing and also never grew taller but the wild thing about them is when they did that, to a one they all had this super-intense smell and trich layer, like 2x what felt normal for that strain/pheno. And to add to that…you know how when you hit a good say ChemDawg or SourD and get that fuel taste for a sec in the throat…well same thing here (GG#4, close enough) and the oil or even the flower from these plants the smell was so intense, you are still tasting fuel some 7-8 breaths AFTER the hit…so cool as the single cola thing was, this fox-tail frost as I called it as had my attention, it makes the most amazing wax and RSO…the trick is learning to do it on purpose, reliably grow after grow…that was the point of my testing since…