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My regenerative soilless program

These are my methods for improving the chemical and physical properties of soilless medium .
Instead buying new medium every year or two you can follow these steps and make your ideal soilless medium … those are my preferences , you can always change it , but if you complete those 8 things there is no need for buying new one .

My soilles mix Set tartget Increase Decrease
Fertilizer charge/CEC Constant liquid feeding (CLF) <1500 ppm Fertigate Flushing
PH value CLF with Calcium Nitrate 5.5 - 6.5 PH Liming Sulfur compounds
Wettability AquaGro2000M ; Yucca < 5 seconds Wetting agent Decomposition of organic materials
Total porosity Coco Coir/Peat Moss/Perlite - 82% 75-85% Coco, Peat Moss, Perlite Compaction , higher bulk density
Container Capacity ( Water porosity ) Coco Coir/Peat Moss/Perlite - 50% 45-50 % Peat Moss , Coco Coir Perlite
Air space ( Air porosity ) Coco Coir/Peat Moss/Perlite - 32% 30-35% Perlite Coco Coir,Peat Moss
Bulk density 0.09 g/cm3 0.08-0.12 g/cm3 Pumice,Sand Coco Coir ,Peat Moss , Perlite
CFU pathogens Flush with Sanidate 12 , introducing RAW grow microbes 48H after Sanidate 12 N/A N/A Sanitize and bacteria introduce