My seeds were confiscated

I ordered from seedsman

Its the overseas address that made them look closely. Buy from ILGM worry free!

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Ah that is a pity seedsman have been providing seeds around the world for a very longtime. Its inevitable some dont get through. If you are buying from South Africa, they have a popup disclaimer sayin they will send an order, but will not guarantee delivery or resend. If you contact there support they might be kind enough to resend, I dont think they have a problem usually sending to USA. They are a great company.

Below are some links to reputable seedbanks and more details.

GN Seed Hub -
Best Cannabis Seeds Online -


Well it will depend on whether you purchased the delivery insurance or not, if you did just contact them and they will resend your order at their expense

If you didn’t, you’re likely out your money

From their site faq’s

We cannot re-send orders to any customer that has not purchased delivery insurance.

In the US try seedsherenow, I’ve never had a problem with them. There are plenty of others too


That sucks bro. I’ve used then previously couple years ago with no issue ever at all. Used the stealth option for shipping Think at that time there were a few different shipping optiona. Not sure what the setup is now tho


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I just purchased seeds from and I’m in the US. I had no issue with them being confiscated. They give you a tracking number so you can track your seed’s progress to your house. I would buy from them again. Maybe they would work for you?


I ordered a bunch seven months ago and I received them within two weeks.

I got 13 ounces off my Bubba Kush this year

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