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My Summer's Grow

Coconut oil and Brownies are my one and only specialty - and they are good, cause I throw everything including the kitchen sink in them - now I am thinking of expanding into other realms LOL :slight_smile:


Now learn how to make chocolate and make infused brownies with infused chocolate chips. And then you can melt some infused chocolate and drizzle it zigzag across the top so it looks cool.

… Looks cool with an added bonus :wink:


They are all 35 days above ground and in their one gallons
I turned the lights up so the tent is now pulling 550 true watts from the wall. They love it and I still have room to up it to 800w. I also gave them all a nice calcium flush to reset their root zones.

everyone has had 2 applications of BudBusterPro - and have been topped once -

I am still waiting for the big tent to free up - I have some things drying in their but as soon as that is done these will be transplanted perhaps this weekend into their final homes - 6 of the fastest growing ones will go into Autopot XL 6.6gal pots in the big tent and 3 will go into 7 gal Rain Science bags in the 4x4 -
I will be trying a few things this run (I always do :slight_smile: ) - The autopot girls will be in my hot living soil-less mix of coco/promix/EWC/lots of amendments - the 3 that I will hand feed will be in a hot/living soil/soil-less mixture similar to the mix I do for my outside girls -
Thanks for stopping by -


Everyone was transplanted this morning into their final homes
In the Big tent (top to bottom)
HSC - Garlic Budder and FishermanSeeds - Purple Cherry Cookies x Apple Fritters

Lovin in her eyes - Peach Marachino and @rapseed Acid Rain

Bulletproof - Night Cakes and Pure Breeding - NE Rock Cotton Candy

In the small tent and 7 gal rain science bags are
Top left AFC - Cantava Top Right - Clearwater/Tiki - Transcendence and bottom is Anesia Seeds - Blackberry Moonrocks

Let the fun begin - Thanks for looking -


Looking sweeeet! Little shrubby ladies nice.


Thank you so much @preybird1 my indoor style of growing tends to be low and wide :slight_smile:


Nice, nice very nice. I’ll be playing catch-up here pretty quick. We’ll see what survives the next week or so and start from there. :+1:t3:


Thank you @happilyretired
Well - it was alot of fun growing our outside gals at the same time, and it seemed like we had a lot of synchronicities - I am looking forward to repeating the experience in our indoor grows - I learned a great deal and had so much fun - 2 of my favorite things :slight_smile:


You have the healthiest looking plants. :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:


Thank you so much @rapseed your acid rain is the most vigorous and special as it is an honor plant for my old friend that died of COVID.

Once giants roamed this land but now a barren site where dreams of next summer are born.
I have empty nest syndrome :sunglasses::blush::vulcan_salute:


Not me, I got two more to go and 2 to 3 weeks to wait.:expressionless:


Damn covid. Got the girl at work sick. I work right next to her. And the other new sales person has covid also. I 1000% sure he gave it to her. And shes vaccinated and im vaccinated but doesnt mean you can get it. One of my customers has had it 2x and is vaccinated. Scary stuff man!
Love your land of barron giants! :+1:


I lost my cousin in Colorado to pneumonia brought on by Covid and a friend recently died in Idaho, that I flew with in the Air Force back in the late '70s in California - Both were unvaccinated so the shame of it is that their deaths were likely unnecessary which makes me very sad :frowning: .


Damn sorry to hear my friend. I had too many here already die that i know personally and thats over 9 people. Damn 3 of the last people had pneumonia and covid. All unvaccinated


Thank you @preybird1
I am so very sorry to hear of your friends - I am hopeful that we can get this pandemic eradicated completely sometime soon and that sanity returns to the ignorance prevailing in the world today -


Yeah no kidding. Pandemic, fake covid cards, people scared riding in cars with masks on.


Yes! I have that, too! So weird to not check on my plants outside. I think I remember feeling this way when the tomatos and peppers were done every year, but this is stronger feeling.

So very sorry to hear of your loss of your friend and cousin. So sad about the unvaccinated. I’ll never understand it. It’s truly a shame.


Thank you @1sttimegrower
I truly have a hard time understanding the level of ignorance that has taken hold of so many people. That is the great sadness for me.


Right? I could say a lot more on the subject but won’t. I’m very sad for humanity right now. I’m sad for my kids and what they have ahead of them. Here I thought their worst war would be the environment, especially drinking water … smh …


I hear you. Don’t get me started. Haha :stuck_out_tongue: