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My Summer's Grow

Day 42 since Flipping

This is my best grow yet IMO -
I am getting ready to start an experiment with my autopot gals - I absolutely LOVE the beefiness of the girls in the small tent being hand top fed - I also LOVE the autopot look which is very different - I can appreciate the differences BUT I want to bring some of that goodness from the top fed into the autopot world - I intend to create a simple tubing below the salt layer (about 2 inches down from the top) with holes - 1/2 inch clear tubing which I can then syringe diferent things that do not lend themselves to bottom feeding - I stll won’t be able to top dress (I need to figure that out) but this is a step in the right direction -
I will be dropping on Jan 2 - I have my preliminary line up all picked out :slight_smile:


I am not sure that I have a favorite time in the life cycle of a cannabis plant - but if I did it would be now - the last couple of weeks before Harvest, when the sea of green explodes with color, texture and smells - I love when its lights on at 5am and I go down to see how my gals liked their nights sleep and I found Anesia seed’s Blackberry Moonrocks looking all beautiful in her new found colors - I decided to take a scope to her and her trichome development is coming along nicely - She is at 44days so a week or 2 to go depending on the speed of evolution…

I will be going for more amber this run as I have a tendency to chop early and this summer I wanted to beat the bud rot before it took more of my gals’ buds…


nice photography! Looks like a crystal garden.


Thank you - I always have a hard time because I take the scope pics while the buds are still on the plant - A lot of people will take the bud off and this allows the lighting to be better than 1200 watts raining down on you haha - as well as trying to take a picture of a bud that is moving when you put the scope up against it - but I don’t like to take any buds before their time :slight_smile:


one of the gals in my tent is a tester from a breeder I know from Instagram and the nutrient company I use - Fishermanseeds - This is a new strain he asked me to test a cross of Purple Cherry Cookies x Apple Fritters - she is 45 days from flip and he says another 2-3 weeks - the colors are really coming out now and she is very sturdy, loud and gassy - Great genetics - I will be running a bunch of Biker OG crosses from him next grow.

ooops I turned the light down :slight_smile:

He liked the way things are growing here and is sending me something special in time for my next drop :upside_down_face: I should be sending him something special haha - I don’t know what it is but I will be sure to make room for it somehow/someway :pray:

BudBusterPro has been used from seedlings on this grow’s gals
I think I am going to let the basement get colder as the tents finish up to replicate mother nature - my basement is below the surface so it stays fairly consistent at 50 degrees and dryer than the rest of the house -


That’s some good looking bud right there I’ll tell you…:wink::+1:t3:😶‍🌫


Thank you so much @happilyretired !
He’s got some real fire - I am going to be running several Biker OG crosses - all tested over 31% in the lab - He says this gal will explode in another 2 weeks (she’s a nine weeker)


Great Thread and a super read

thank you for sharing your work I love to see what others are doing in their

grows and what works for them

all the best and enjoy the day



Thank you so much @dequilo :pray:


I will be taking down Peach Marachino Christmas morning - her trichomes are perfect -

She actually smells like a Peach :slight_smile:

I think the prettiest of the flowering gals in the Big tent is Acid Rain from @rapseed

And in the small tent.

I am so in love with the look and feel of the small tent - I am hoping I can replicate some of the goodness with the setup I intend for this net run with a tube embedded in the soil below the salt layer so I can top feed things that would normally clog the autopot - it would also help the nutrient uptake with an up and down flow of feed and wick -
I am hoping I can get more foliage vigor in late flower this way - I do believe the UV treatments may have accelerated leaf cell degrading, but I also believe the method od nutrient uptake had a big hand to play - I will find out this next run - I will be lowering the amount of UV exposure from 7 hours a day to 2-4 hours in veg and up it as flower progresses.
Thanks for looking
and wishing you and your loved ones all the happiness in the holidays and in your everyDAYS!!! :slight_smile:


Not just the trichomes. She’s BEAUTIFUL! :metal:


Thank you - She is one of my favorite breeders -


Kind of biased to the Acid Rain but that Peach is a peach :heart_eyes:


The Peach is pretty but truly Acid Rain is the prettiest in person IMHO -
They are both Honor plants so it doesn’t surprise me that they are the most expressive - Its always so hard - its sort of like picking your favorite of your children every grow - Each has several special qualities and in their own light are the prettiest plant I have ever seen :slight_smile:


I have a system to germinate seeds that has worked for the past several runs - and usually I don’t fix something that’s not broken (well that’s not entirely true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) but there was something about it that I didn’t like - I have been soaking the seeds in a solution of inoculants and humics for 8-10 hours and then put into soil and under lights - I would never have a tail or even a cracked shell - 3-5 days later it would pop. Perfectly fine method and worked good -
However, I feel like I need to dial some things back - I tend to overdo - especially if its good stuff - I have come to a place where more is not always better - and sooner is not always better either -
I didn’t like the paper towel method but in someone’s thread - someone else (I am sorry but I didn’t bookmark it and don’t know who to give credit or to thank - but thank you) there was this video

Is Float Tech the Easiest Way to Germinating Seeds?

I decided to give it a try with some seeds that I can experiment and throw away -
So I took 3 different strains 4 seeds each
2 different cups with 2 seeds each - one only tap water 1, 3, 5
the other - RO water with a drop or two amounts of EM1, SLF100, Dr. Root, URB, Jump Start, coconut, Aloe, MiiM, Malted Barley in cups 2, 4, 6
I put them on top of a heat mat and in the dark - 3 days later ALL 6 of the seeds that were in the tap water only cups had germinated and had tails with the shell still attached - the 6 seeds in the solution had one or 2 slight and pathetic tails but nothing on the others - so I decided to go one step further and put them in a small cup of dirt and under some lights and here they are a couple of days later.

a couple needed some help to shed the shell but otherwise trouble free and I LOVE it - it is the easiest method so I am going to try a round with my high value seeds and go from there - I feel like I have been stunting the seedlings a little in the beginings of their life and I want to try a simpler and purer method.


It looks like the others in the small tent have also started seeding -
I just took BlackBerry Moonrocks from Anesia a little early - her main colas are fine but the lower branch buds were seeded and it was spreading so I decided to take her and get what I can and call it a lesson learned :slight_smile:

I was able to save most of the plant

I would have loved to see these gals finish but

Very dense - rock hard, sticky-smelly buds

coated with sugar

Her trichomes are 75-85% cloudy no amber so probably high thc and a good daytime smoke

I will probably take Cantava tomorrow -
Thanks for stopping by -


I decided to take Cantava down today - She is the biggest of the girls that were in the small tent and the least affected by the hermie seeding so her yield was very good but I would have liked to let her ripen longer -

She is a great strain

very good natural branching and colas

her smell is wonderful

She’s all trimmed up and in the herbsnow drying - Time to give the tent a good scrubbing to get ready for the next grow - There are still 4 in the big tent finishing in about a week or so.
Thanks for looking and I hope your holidays are going great - Mine are -smelly-sweet, almost sickening haha


Well - I just got an honor that I would like to share -
I have been growing a new strain from a breeder that has become a friend over the past few months - Fishermanseeds and Clonefamofficial on Instagram - a couple of months ago he gave me some seeds of a new strain he was breeding a cross of Purple Cherry Cookies x Apple Fritters - It is still 1 - 2 weeks from finishing - I sent him some pics of her yesterday and he liked them and asked me to name her - he said it looks like I got the winner pheno :slight_smile:
So I wanted to give her a name that was deserving and representative of her greatest attributes - I would like to introduce you to Amethysto It incorporates the purple coloring, the dense/hard crystalline structure, the connection to the magical-mystical goodness (mephisto) and its one of my favorite stones - So no longer Purple Cherry Cookies x Apple Fritters she is Amethysto

She’s getting very very LOUD

and frosty

I can only imagine what she might look like in a week or two
Thank you for looking…


She certainly is a elegant lady!

LOL, it’s a safe bet you’ll be getting some more testers from that breeder!!!


Thank you Bob - BudBusterPro did her magic on Amethysto

haha - you are right about that - he is sending something I have to make room for in my next grow and if he thinks its special I will be making room as soon as it arrives :slight_smile: